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Frequently Asked Questions

How long can my material remain on iTunes U?

Itunes U is not a permanent storage solution for your audio and video content. Items not associated with coursework will remain on iTunes U for 3 to 6 months. Highly popular downloads will remain on iTunes U. Academic materials will remain up for as long as required for the class.

Can I link to my iTunes material from my site?

Yes. To get the URL for your file follow the directions in the Apple iTunes tutorial. You cannot embed your material on your page. A better method for that is to post your podcast/vodcast on YouTube.

Do viewers have to have iTunes loaded on their computers to access this material?

Yes. To download iTunes go to

What materials are appropriate for iTunes U?

Itunes U has a primarily external audience. It is also available for instructors who wish to make their class materials available to the general public.  For those distributing materials to classes who do not wish to share materials, Blackboard is the accepted method of delivery. The materials on iTunes U are not password protected.

Should I use YouTube rather than iTunes U?

We recommend that you use YouTube whenever possible to distribute material. It is free and reaches a much larger audience than iTunes U. You can also leave your video up for as long as you like. We do not have an account to load your material to YouTube. You should set up your own account.

Do I have to have video content?

No. In fact, unless there is a compelling reason to have video, we recommend that you use audio only. It’s easier to produce and smaller to download.

How do I get my material on iTunes U?

  1. Determine if your material is appropriate for iTunes U or would be better suited for YouTube.
  2. Contact the University Webmaster for a “Content Provider Disclaimer Form.” UNH will not post any materials that infringe upon another’s copyright. That would include all intellectual property as well as music content.
  3. Prepare your material for upload. You can either do this yourself using podcast producer software or contract with UNH Video Services to prepare the material for you. All materials must have the UNH logo (video) or the words, “This audio podcast is made available by the University of New Hampshire.”
  4. Submit the materials to the University Webmaster for upload.  Please provide appropriate meta tags (links to more info.)

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